text entered into a text field box will not print or save.



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    Hi Karen!

    I am glad to help you save and print out your fillable forms!

    In order to print out the content of the forms, please open your file - click Print - choose "Print Document and Annotations" under the Print Option and then click Print. The content of the form is a different text element - an annotation so it should be set "Print Document and Annotations" to get it printed out.

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  • Igor- MGT LTD


    There are no option to choose "Print Document and Annotations" at Acrobat Reader PDF , so

    How it possible to print the modified PDF file with text entered into a text field box by using the Acrobat Reader PDF software?


  • Nicole

    Hi Igor!

    Thank you for reaching us out! I can help you print your PDF file with filled out forms using our Soda PDF.

    I can help you make your files printed in Soda PDF, if you are going to use another program, please contact their support directly.

    You need to open the file in Soda PDF, then press Ctrl+P. Once the printing menu is open, under the Print Option choose "Print Document and Annotations" as shown in the screenshot below and then click Print:

    From your comment I see that you use a different program, in this case, I can offer you to download our Soda PDF at the link below:


    And then you can create a free account to activate the program and use free tools such as creating/converting to PDF, conversion from PDF to Word and Excel, printing file, filling out the forms:


    Once the account is created, activate it in the program:


    If you have any other questions, please feel free to ask me. I will be glad to answer you! 





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