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    Hello Chuck, 

    Thank you for checking with us regarding saving your JPEG conversion results in the same folder. I will be glad to help you with the question. 
    Let me tell you that by default results will be saved to the folder where the original file is located, but you can change it to the folder you need. 

    If you are converting the files in the Convert module, please make sure to select the needed folder through Options in the convert window (see a screenshot below)

    If you are converting your files through the Batch module, you can select the folder to save files in the SAVE menu (see a screenshot below).

    Please feel free to let me know if you have any other questions.


  • Chuck Puckett

    Thanks for your reply. I basically had done everything you suggested. Here's what the SodaPDF app looks like just before conversion:

    Then, after pressing BATCH, here are the results in the target folder. Note that it has a subfolder for each converted PDF file. In each folder is one JPG file, the converted file. So, I still have questions. One, really.

    How to avoid this behavior?

  • Megan

    Hi Chuck, 

    Thanks for following up to let me know that you want all files to be in one folder without any additional subfolders. 

    The current version of Soda PDF will always create an additional folder for each document you convert to JPEG. It is done for your convenience, after the conversion of a multi-page document all pages in the form of JPEG are organized in one folder. But I will make sure to let the corresponding team know about your request to save JPEG files without creating a new folder for further consideration. 



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