How can I access my order summary?

The order summary provides you with the access and billing information of your purchase. 

In order to access your order summary:

  • Please log into your Account.

Follow the link and type the email address you used to make this purchase online.




Once you have entered your email address and completed the security check, you will be prompted to enter the last 4 digits of your credit card or your ZIP/postal code in case you have used your PayPal account to complete payment.




  • Click the order that you would like to view.




There are a few reasons you might be having trouble logging into your account:

"Sorry, the information was not valid. Please try again" error:
Some information is not correct. Kindly be advised to check the 4 last digits of the credit card or your Order ID number. It usually starts with the letter "U".
"Sorry, email address was not found" error:
Kindly be advised to re-check your email address in order to avoid typos. If the issue persists, please try the alternative email address you may have used to complete a purchase (e.g. PayPal account email).
"Incorrect last 4 credit card digits. Please re-enter your last 4 digits" error:
Kindly be advised to check the 4 last digits of the credit card you used to make the purchase.

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