How to Crop a PDF Page Document


You can crop any part of your PDF page. The selected portion will be kept and the rest of the page will be hidden. You can recover it later if you need access to it.


Cropping a Page

  • Open the Page Tab.
  • Click Page Crop.


The Page Crop window will open and you will need to select the part of the page you want to keep.
Here you can fine-tune your settings. The black box in the preview section is the current area you’d like to keep. Its dimensions are listed above.


You can set each layer of the page box you want to configure. Below is a brief description of each option.

CropBox – This is the area of the PDF page that should remain visible.

ArtBox – This is used to indicate a safety zone, where graphical elements can be added to a page without going too close to the edge of the document.

TrimBox – This will set the final page size of the PDF document.

BleedBox – This will let you set a bleed area when printing.

You can set each of these for your crop job.

  • Click the dropdown under Margins.
  • Choose the box you want to work with.



  • Click the eye icon to see all boxes at once.



  • Adjust each box to reflect the distance away from the edge of the page you want to set the dimension.



  • Click on the Constrain proportions icon to lock the dimensions to the same number as you make changes.



You can set the unit of measurement you’d like to use for setting up the crop area.

  • Click the dropdown under Units.
  • Choose one.


You can remove white margins from your document.

  • Check the box next to Remove white margins.


You can reset all proportions for each box.

  • Click Set to zero and each dimension will be reset.


Now that you’ve set up the boxes for your page crop, it’s time to decide which pages in your PDF will be cropped.

  • All – Each page in the document will be cropped according to your settings.
  • Range – You can decide the specific pages in your document that will be cropped.
    • Using a comma (,) you can add multiple groups of pages. As an example, to crop all pages from 2 to 5, then page 8, page 10, and page 11, you would type it out as follows “2-5,8,10-11”.
    • Using a dash (-) tells Soda PDF to crop all pages between those page numbers, inclusively. To apply to pages between page 2 and page 5 you would type “2-5”.
  • You can also choose between all Even and all Odd pages.




  • Click the Set as Default button to use the selected settings moving forward.




  • Click CROP to apply your crop settings.



  • The pages will then be cropped.


If you want to crop multiple documents at once, you can open our batch crop tool if you want to crop across multiple documents at once. Choosing this will not apply the settings you have just made.

  • Click Multiple Files and you’ll be brought to the batch setup tool.


In the batch tool, you’ll have the same settings that are available here. The main difference is that you will apply your crop job to multiple files at once. Click here to learn more.


Removing a Page Crop

You can undo the document crop, revealing the full contents of the document.

  • Open the Page Tab.
  • Choose Remove Crop.



  • Choose the pages to remove the crop from.




  • Click Remove Crop.




  • The pages in your document will no longer remain cropped.



We have two additional modules. The OCR module allows you to recognize and edit text within any scanned document or image. We also have the E-Sign module that allows you to electronically sign PDFs and track and manage e-signatures in real-time. If those modules are not available for you, you can purchase them here.



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