How to use Soda PDF Online on a mobile device

Soda PDF Online provides users with most of the same functionality as our desktop application. The main difference is that you can access the online tool through your web browser, from any device. The interface may not look the same when accessing Soda PDF Online through a mobile phone or tablet, this article will cover what you need to know.

What’s important to remember is once you understand the new layout, it’s the same Soda PDF application. The instructions for most features will remain the same as they are described in other knowledge base articles.


Navigating Soda PDF Online

Soda PDF Online uses touchscreen technology. Your fingers are your main tool to move around your PDF file.

  • A single tap on the screen will let you select an option or interact with the pieces of your PDF.
  • Holding down your finger on the screen will open the right-click menu.

To move around your document, and change pages, you will need to be in View Mode. While in Edit or Select Mode, the application will stay on the same page.

  • Click on the hand icon.



Now that you are in View Mode, you can go to the part of your PDF you want to work on.

  • Swipe your finger in any direction to move the active page of your PDF.
  • Swiping up or down will let you scroll through your document like you were using a mouse wheel.
  • Pinching 2 fingers together as you swipe will zoom in, and expanding them will zoom out.


Using Soda PDF Online functionality

Soda PDF Online contains most of the functionality found in Soda PDF Desktop and is grouped into the same modules.

  • Choose the module you want to access.



Tap on a feature to use it. A window will appear with the same options found in Soda PDF Desktop. You may need to swipe down in that window to view all the settings.





You can access the side panels in Soda PDF Online at any time. This includes the preview pane and the properties option for the pieces of your PDF.



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