How to Change the Size of a Page in my Document

  • In the Page Tab click on Size. This opens a dropdown menu of standard page sizes. This will change the size of the current page.
  • You can also enter your own custom setting or change the default you can do so by clicking on More Settings.



  • Click on the three dots in the right corner to open more options.
  • This will allow you to decide which pages need to be changed. You can choose from the options available in the Page Range section.



  • The Fixed section will let you pick between the already existing page sizes. Choose from the dropdown.



  • In the Custom section, you will be able to choose a unit of measurement. Once you have done so, enter the dimensions for the length and width of the page.




  • Choose the Make Default and the new page size will be used when new documents are created. When you are ready, click on Apply and the changes will be made.




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