How to Change Shape Properties

You can update the settings for your shapes in the properties section.

  • Click into Edit Mode.
  • Select your shape.
  • Choose the Properties icon.



You can update the style, or pattern of the shape. By default, it is a solid line.

  • Click the option Line Style.
  • Choose a new one from the list.



You can update the color of your shape.

  • Click the circle next to Line Color.




  • Click on the color you want to use.
    • Click here for more information about custom colors.




Certain shapes will have a background color option. The Line color will always reflect the border of the shape. The Background color will fill out the shape.

  • Click the circle next to the Background color to change it.



You can adjust the transparency of your shape.

  • Click next to Opacity
  • Adjust the slider to modify the value.
    • 100 will have no transparency while 0 will be fully transparent.



You can use Blend Mode to determine how the shape interacts with any other layers in your document.

  • Click next to Blend Mode
  • Choose the option you want to use.




For any shape with a start and end, like an arrow, you’ll be able to modify the appearance on each side.

  • Under Arrowheads click the option next to Start or End.




  • Choose an option from the list.



  • Select the mode in the Arrange section if you have several overlapping objects.




You can save any of these aesthetic changes for future shapes.

  • Click MAKE DEFAULT to use these settings moving forward.



You can reset the default at any time.

  • Select any shape.
  • Open the properties.



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