Password Protecting my PDF Document (Unlock my PDF)

Follow the steps below to secure your PDF with password protection.

Step 1 - Open the password protect tool

You can access the tool inside Soda PDF. 

  • Click on the Secure Tab.
  • Choose Restrict Permissions option.



Alternatively, you can head over to your file. 

  • Right-click on a PDF.
  • Choose Soda PDF Desktop.
  • Choose Password Security.




Step 2 - Set your password

  • Check the box next to Require Password to Open the Document.  
  • Enter the password and then confirm it.
  • Choose Apply.




  • You can click the three dots button to choose the encryption level.




Step 3 - Verify your PDF is secure

Try to open your PDF. When secure, you will see this window:



Removing your password 

You can remove your password in the same Password Security tool.

  • Toggle the switch next to Require Password to Open the Document.
  • Choose Apply.




  • Save the file and your password will be removed.  




Please Note: We suggest you keep your password in a safe place. We will be unable to reset the password if you forget it.

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