Adding a Check Box or Radio Button to a Form

A check box is used when a user can choose one or more answers. A radio button is used when only one option can be selected. 

They serve different roles, but the process of adding them to your PDF is the same. The following set of instructions works for either field type. 

Click here for more information on creating forms. 


Step 1 - Choose Check Box or Radio Button 

These fields will be grouped together as responses to a question. Selecting either the Check Box or Radio Button option tells Soda PDF to start grouping fields in the same question. 

  • Open the Forms Tab.
  • Click on either the Check Box or Radio Button options.



Step 2 - Place all fields that should be grouped together

You will see the outline for the check box or radio button appear on your document. You can position it wherever you would like.

  • Click anywhere in your file to place the field.
    • Hold down your left mouse button and drag the cursor to resize the field as you place it. 




You will notice that after you place the field, the Radio Button option remains active. Keep placing the buttons until you are ready for another group

  • Click the Radio Button option again to end this grouping.
  • Click it again to start a new group of answers.  
  • Place the fields for your new group. 




You can also regroup your radio buttons through the Extras panel.

  • Click the Extras menu button on the right-side panel and choose the Forms section.




  • Hold the Ctrl key and click the Radio buttons required to select them.
  • Right-click on one of the radio buttons while holding the Ctrl key and choose the Group Buttons option.




Step 3 - Editing check box or radio button properties

This article will not go into detail for most options, click here for a full list of all form field properties. 

  • Switch to Edit Mode.
  • Select a Radio Button or Check Box.
  • Click the Properties icon.




You can also access the properties of each radio button/check box through the Extras panel.

  • Click the Extras menu button on the right-side panel and choose the Forms section.




  • Click the Properties icon next to any field.




Bonus Step - Deleting the Check Box

  • Switch into Edit Mode.
  • Right-click on the field. 
  • Choose Remove.




Bonus Step - Testing your button

  • Switch into View Mode.
  • Click on the button.



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