How to Set Restrictions to My Document

You can apply restrictions to your documents to limit the way users interact with your PDFs. When a user tries to make restricted changes to your files, they will encounter this message : 



  • To restrict permissions, click on the Secure module, then select Restrict Permissions.


  • Choose Secure permissions.
  • Toggle the switch next to "Require password to change security settings and access specific functions".




You will need to add a password. Only with this password can the restrictions be removed or changed. There is no way to recover this password should it become lost. We recommend saving it someplace safe. 

  • Enter your password and then confirm it.


On the bottom half of the Security Settings window, you will be able to decide which restrictions you want to apply.

Changes Allowed – This dropdown provides a list of actions a user will be able to perform.

Printing – This dropdown gives you control over whether or not a user can print your file.

There is a check box next to "Enable copying of text, images, and other content." If this is selected, the user can perform those actions, otherwise, deselect the box.

  • When you have finished your configurations, click on Apply.




  • Click the three dots button to set the encryption level.




Uncheck the box next to "Require a Password to Change Security Settings and Access Specific Functions" in order to remove all restrictions, then click APPLY at the bottom.


You can see what restrictions are applied to your document at any time.

  • Open the menu in the top left corner.



  • In the Properties section, click on Security. You will be able to see all possible changes and statuses.


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