How to Install Soda PDF silently via command lines

If you are looking to learn how to install Soda PDF using MSIs click here for more details. 

You can download Soda PDF from our website by clicking here. Make sure to download the version that matches your license.


    • Run the Command Prompt as administrator in the folder where you saved the Soda PDF Installer.
    • To start the installation silent, type the name of the downloaded Soda PDF installer into the command prompt and add the parameter "/quiet"

        • Example Command: "Soda_PDF_10_Installer.exe /quiet 
    • Of course, you can add additional parameters to customize the installation to suit your needs

        • Example Command: "Soda_PDF_10_Installer.exe /quiet  /default_application=0

Find all available parameters in the table below: 


Command Type Description
/application_language String Specifies the application languages that will be installed
/enable_automatic_updates Switch (1/0) Enables automatic updates of the application
/default_application Switch(1/0) Set as default application
/disable_notification_system Switch(1/0) Disables the notification system
/hibernate_on_close Switch(1/0) Enables the hibernate on close feature
/install_messenger Switch(1/0) Installs messenger
/firefox_integration Switch(1/0) Installs Firefox integration
/ie_integration Switch(1/0) Installs Internet Explorer integration
/win_explorer_integration Switch(1/0) Installs MS Outlook & Windows Explorer Previewer
/desktop_shortcut Switch(1/0) Creates a shortcut for the application on the desktop
/run_application Switch(1/0) Run application after install

The /application_language parameter needs a language code to specify the application language. Language codes available:


English En
French Fr
German De
Spanish Es
Italian It
Japanese Ja
Russian Ru
Portuguese Pt


Note: Additional parameters are not mandatory. If the Installer was launched in silent mode and additional options were not specified, Soda PDF will be installed with default settings. 


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