How to Install Soda PDF to Citrix

You can push Soda PDF to specific user groups that you'll configure on your end. 

Depending on your licensing agreement with us, Soda PDF's activation will be managed with either user accounts or license keys. Make sure to download the build of Soda PDF that matches your needs.

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  •  Install the Soda PDF Desktop application to your Windows Server. 



  • You will need to install the Citrix XenApp (download link) and XenDesktop (download link) virtual delivery agent.  This is the bridge between Windows and Citrix Servers, i.e. it allows you to add the necessary servers to the Machine Catalogs:



  • Open the Citrix Studio snap-in and navigate to:
    •  Machine Catalogs -> Actions (right-side panel) -> Create Machine Catalog command:



  • Once clicked, the following window appears. Click Next.



  • Confirm the necessary options for the Operating System and Machine Management blocks by clicking Next. In the Machines block, click Add Computers…:



  • Select the corresponding server with the installed applications in the Active Directory, then click OK:


You’ll see the server is added to the Machine Catalog list.

NOTE: The Machine block should display the Installed VDA version and Operating System data. This means that XenApp and XenDesktop virtual delivery agent are working correctly.


  •  Navigate to Applications -> Actions (right-side panel) -> Add Applications command:



  • In the Add Applications window, click Next:



  • You will be automatically switched to the next Groups block. Select the check boxes next to user groups that will receive Soda PDF.
  • Click Next to proceed.



  • The Applications block will be displayed. Click Add… -> From start menu…:


NOTE: You can also find the application manually or include groups of necessary applications.

  • The Add Applications from Start Menu window will appear.
  • Check the box(es) next to the application(s) that will be installed.
  • Click OK to continue.



  • All the selected applications will appear in the list, click Next to continue.



  • The Summary section displays the full information about the server, applications and related folder.
  • Click the Finish button, all the specified applications will appear in the Applications folder:



  • Navigate to the Delivery Groups in the Citrix Studio snap in. If you need to create a new group, click the Create Delivery Group command in the Actions (right-side panel) section.
    • If you already have the group of users: 
    • Right-click the server title and choose Edit Delivery Group.
    • Click Add…
    • In the Select Users or Groups dialog box, select necessary users in the Active Directory OR type the user name(s) in the Enter the object names to select field


  • You’ll need to go through the following section and add any customizations. Define the appropriate options in each block. You can cycle between them by clicking on each on the left-hand side.


You’ll start with the Desktops block:


Then the Application Prelaunch block:


Then the Application Lingering block:


The User Settings block:


Then the StoreFront block.

NOTE: the current path is also the link, it stores the published applications


Then the Access Policy block:


Finally, the Restart Schedule block:



  • Click the Apply and OK buttons to continue.


The Citrix Server will store Soda PDF Desktop.


The end user will open a web browser and use the newly generated link.


If you see the screen below, it means you do not have the Citrix Receiver utility.

  • Click the Detect Receiver button to download and install it.


 Сitrix Receiver utility is installed on his PC, they will need to enter their credentials instead.

  • Users should enter the same credentials used when logging in to their profile account. Once logged in, click the Apps button at the bottom of the web page: 



  • Click the “+” sign from the left-side of the web page:



  • Navigate to All Apps -> click the Soda PDF Desktop application in the context menu:



  • Application will appear on the Desktop, ready for use.


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