What is Ad-Aware Web Companion?

Ad-Aware Web Companion is an internet plugin that makes your web browsing experience safer. Below is an explanation per browser.


Internet Explorer & Mozilla Firefox

Anti-Phishing Protection - Web Companion blocks websites trying to steal your personal information by impersonating sites you know and trust. Web Companion keeps your passwords, credit card, and all other personal information safe from hackers.

Real-Time Web Protection - Web Companion blocks the latest viruses before most antivirus companies’ labs have had a chance to detect, analyze, and publish a fix – making sure that you always stay protected!

For more information about what Ad-Aware Web Companion can do for you, click here.


Google Chrome

As of Chrome 34, Google has independently decided to prevent any program from changing the homepage and search settings. This unfortunately prevents security products like Web Companion from performing their function, namely protecting the user and offering a simple/unified user experience across all major browsers. The Web Companion team is actively looking into a solution for this.


Microsoft Edge

Ad-Aware Web Companion is currently unavailable for Microsoft Edge. The team is working hard to make it compatible as soon as possible.

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