What are the auxiliary panels?

The Auxiliary Panels are located on either side of your document. These are quick options that will assist you while you work with your files. 




Below you’ll find a description of each tool available.

  • The Page Preview is located on the left-hand side. Click here for more information on Page Preview 



  • The Bookmarks section will allow you to use our virtual table of contents feature. Click here for more information.  



  • The first option on the right side is the Search feature will let you search your document for specific words/phrases. Click here for more information.  



  • Extras panel includes such functions as Links, Attachments, Comments, Forms, Signatures, and Layers



  • Properties. Each type of document element you can add will have a different properties menu. Each feature that has properties that can be configured, will have the options explained in the knowledge base article describing the feature.
  • The Properties panel can be accessed through the Edit mode only.



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