How can I Continue Working on a Draft for an E-Sign Package?

A draft is an in-progress document package. All your drafts are saved in the Draft section of the E-Sign module. You can choose to edit a draft at any time.

  • In the E-Sign Module click on the arrow next to Inbox and open the dropdown for Drafts.




  • Select the Document Package you would like to continue working on or select View All to see a complete list of Drafts.


Selecting a draft will open the document package and you are good to go.

Choosing View All will bring you to the Inbox.

  • You can also get there by clicking on Inbox.


  • Click on any draft to expand it.


  • Click on Modify to keep working on this draft. You will pick up where you left off creating your document package. 
  • Click on Save as Template to save the draft as a template. Click here for more information on templates.
  • Click on Trash to delete this draft.



If the E-Sign module is not available for you, you can purchase it here. 


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