What do I do when I cannot download the new update for Soda PDF?

Occasionally you may experience a conflict when downloading updates for Soda PDF. 

You should first uninstall Soda PDF and restart your computer. Click here to learn more about removing the application.

Now download Soda PDF again. Click here to find the link to download the installer for Soda PDF.

If you need help installing Soda PDF, click here to learn more.

Are you still experiencing the error? You will need to contact the support team.

It is extremely important to take note of exactly what error message you received. If you are able to take screenshots, this will facilitate the troubleshooting process. 

You should generate a system information file (.NFO). This is technical information that our development team will use to find a solution faster. Follow the steps below to generate this file: 

  • Hold down the "Windows Flag" key and press "R" at the same time.
  • Type into the box, which opens "MSINFO32" then click "OK".
  • An .NFO file will now open. Click on "File" and choose "Save"
  • Rename the file with your name and save the file.
  • Attach the file to this email when you respond to us.

You can contact our support team by clicking here.

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