Why does Soda PDF crash during file conversion?

Converting files uses the Soda PDF Printer. For the sake of this article, the conversion will be referred to as printing. We know something is wrong if you are reading this article. Below is a series of troubleshooting tips. At the end of this article, you’ll find a link to contact Support. Tell us the results of each step and it will help us get you a solution faster. 

1. First uninstall Soda PDF and then restart your computer. All Soda PDF download links can be located here. Reinstall Soda PDF and see if the issue is resolved. Let us know if you have done this.

Documents with a large number of pages may crash when printing. This is a result of the increasing demand on system resources as the size of the document gets larger. 

This means reducing the demand during a print job will prevent Soda PDF from crashing. 

Instead of printing the entire document at once, you should perform multiple print jobs. Each smaller job would be a smaller portion of the document. 

As an example: 
Perform 10 print jobs of 10 pages and see if it is successful. This step is vital in isolating the problem. 

3.  Take screenshots of any Error messages you encounter.

4. Before contacting us, please prepare an.nfofile so that our development team can use the information within to locate the source of the crash. The.nfois a file that captures the system environment. 

To get the.nfofile please follow the steps below: 

Generate and send us a System Information file (*.NFO): 

    1. Click the Windows Start button->Run... 

    2. Type "msinfo32" and click 'Ok'. The 'System Information' window will open.

    3. Click FILE->SAVE...

    4. Save the file as 001.NFOon your desktop.

    5. Attach the file to the email when you reply to this message. 

Click here to contact our support team. We will do everything we can to make sure you get the best Soda PDF experience possible.  

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