Sanitizing a PDF Document

The sanitization process will strip away everything but the content of your document: metadata, embedded content & attached files, scripts, hidden layers, embedded search indexes, stored form data, review and comment data, hidden data from previously saved versions, obscured text and images, comments hidden within the body of the PDF file, unreferenced data, links, actions, and JavaScripts.


Step 1 - Choose the Sanitize Tool

  • Click on the Secure tab.
  • Click on Sanitize.




  • Click OK.




Note: If you check the “Do not show this message again” box, the next time you click the Sanitize button, sensitive information will be automatically deleted without displaying the warning message.


Step 2 - Save your file

You'll need to save a copy of your new, clean, PDF. 

  • Name your new PDF.
  • Save your file.



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