Soda PDF 12 Release Notes


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  • S Oestreicher

    You have forgotten to include a page delete tab in V12. You can no longer delete more than one page at a time from a document. 

    This is a basic requirement when dealing with PDF's.

    The response so far has been that I will just have to delete one page at a time, or extract batches of pages I want to keep rather delete those I don't.

    This is not the sort of response I expect from a competent PDF software provider.


  • Rob Pointer

    Soda Pdf 12 does not add "all in one printers" as scanners in the create from scanner page. There is a note in knowledge base for adding scanners that says scanners will be added automatically which is a redundant statement.

    Previous requests to support (3 months ago) have confirmed this is a known issue but no update so far. Support instructions was to use version 11 which is missing from previous downloads. I have resorted to version 10 but cant see me renewing.

  • Megan

    Hi Rob, 
    Thank you for sharing with us your feeling regarding the scanner issue. Please be sure your feedback is forwarded to the corresponding department. As our support agent mentioned the scanner issue has been flagged to the team in charge and is currently being investigated. Till the issue with Soda PDF 12 is resolved you can use the 11th or 10th  version to create files from your scanner.
    As per your request, our customer support agent has canceled your subscription to Soda PDF, so there will be no further charges. 


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