What are the advanced options when downloading and installing Soda PDF?

This article will cover the advanced options when installing Soda PDF Desktop. If you need help with the classic installation process, click here.

Soda PDF Online is not a downloadable product and is excluded from this article.


  • In the first window of Soda PDF Desktop Setup Wizard click on Advanced Options.



You can decide which modules/plugins should be installed. Expand Soda PDF Desktop 14 (Main Application) or Soda PDF Components. This reveals each module and plugin available for download and installation. Uncheck the box next to a module or plugin to prevent it from installing.



As you uncheck modules or plugins, the amount of disc space that will be used after the installation will be updated.

  • You can check the disc space by clicking on Disk Usage.




  • Click on Proxy if you need to configure them.




  • Check the box next to Use Proxy Server.




  • Enter the IP Address and Port.




  • If there is any authentication required for your proxy server check the box next to Proxy Server Requires Authentication. Then enter your credentials.




  • The Get Proxy Settings button will pull the proxy settings automatically, given they are available.




  • Test will run a check to ensure everything was configured correctly.




  • Click on Next to continue with the installation process.




  • Click on Next and Soda PDF will install with your modified setting.



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