When I uninstall Soda PDF, will the documents that I created with the program be removed?

Soda PDF Desktop

Files are not saved inside of Soda PDF. The file is saved to your computer and the only way to remove it will be to go to its location and delete it. This means you can uninstall Soda PDF at any time without losing your work.

Click here to learn more about uninstalling Soda PDF.


Soda PDF Online

Soda PDF is a web application housed in your browser. This means you do not install or remove the application, you simply log in and go.

Files created in Soda PDF Online are stored on our servers for 24 hours. You can access them from any device while they are there. Opening the file again will reset the clock.

Any files you save to your system will be on your computer/device. You will need to go to the file to delete it. 

If you would like to permanently remove a PDF, click here to learn more.

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