How to Attach a File to my PDF Document

A PDF is a versatile format. In addition to all the ways you can modify the file, you can also use it as a storage container. You can attach other files to it which can be extracted at a later time.

  • On the Comment tab, click the Attachment button.




  • Click anywhere on the document to see the Open dialog box. Choose your file and click Open to add this file.
  • The attachment icon will appear on your page.
  • To open your attachment, make sure you are in the View mode and click the attachment icon.




  • To save an attached file to your computer, switch to the Edit mode, right-click the attachment icon, and choose Save Embedded File to Disk… in the context menu.




  • Alternatively, click the Extras panel icon on the right-hand side of the application window.
  • Click the Paperclip icon to open the Attachments section.




  • You can add any attachments by clicking on Add or Plus icon. This will open a Browse window allowing you to go through your computer looking for files to attach.



  • You can right-click on an attached file to Open, Save, or Delete it.




  • Click here to type a file description.




  • Click the three dots to find the options Save all attachments and Delete all attachments.




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