Can I assign my product to a user?



You can assign your Soda PDF license to another user. Since Soda PDF is now accessed through an account, you can assign it to a specific email address.

An email will be sent to that address prompting the user to create an account. Once created he/she will have full access to the product. However, in their account, they will not be able to perform any actions related to the product.


Assigning a Product

Step 1 - Open My Products

  • Go to our Account Portal.
  • Sign in to your Soda PDF account.
  • Click on your account logo in the top right corner.
  • Open My Products.


Step 2 - Reassign the license

  • Click on the user icon to expand the product settings.



  • Click on the gear icon next to an unassigned license.
  • Choose Another user.

  • Enter the email into the box.
  • Click Assign.

The new user will appear under the list of assignees.


  • Click on the gear icon next to the email address you would like to remove from the list.
  • Select Unassign.


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