How to Add a Comment to my PDF

One of the main benefits of our annotation features is you can leave a comment on any of them. They can be found in our Comment Tab.

  • Switch into View Mode.
  • Click on your annotation.
  • Type your comment into the box.
  • Click the X to close the comment box.


You can add text stylings to your comments.

  • Hold down the left mouse button and select the text you want to mark.
  • Right-click on your selection.
  • Choose Text Style.
  • Pick your preferred formatting option.



  • Click anywhere else to confirm your change.
  • Hold down your left mouse button over the bottom corners and drag your cursor to change the size of this window.



You can also respond to any existing comment.

  • Click the reply icon.


You can now add your response. The same instructions apply to all text areas in the comment window.


You can continue to leave multiple replies on the same comment. You can respond to the original comment or any specific replies.

  • Click the trash icon next to a specific reply to remove it.



  • Click the trash icon next to the original comment to delete the entire thread.


You can review a list of all comments found in a document.

  • Open the Extras pane on the right-side panel and click the Comments icon.
  • Click on an entry to expand it and view the comment.
  • Selecting a specific reply will bring you to its location in the document.



Starting from Soda PDF 14 you can transfer all comments from the current document to a separate file using the Export Comments tool.

  • In the Comment tab, click the Export Comments button.




  • In the Save As menu that appears, enter a file name and select the path.
  • Click the Save button.




Your file with exported comments will be saved in the XML data format (.xfdf).


We have two additional modules. The OCR module allows you to recognize and edit text within any scanned document or image. We also have the E-Sign module that allows you to electronically sign PDFs and track and manage e-signatures in real-time. If those modules are not available for you, you can purchase them here.



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