How to Calibrate the Measurement Tool in Soda PDF

The calibration option configures the measurement tool. You can change the scale and unit of your measurement.

  • Open the Comment module.
  • Select the Distance tool.
  • Click on Calibration.



The Calibration window will open.

  • Click the dropdown to choose the unit of measurement.



  • Change the measurement scale by entering the ratio into the box.

        • E.g. If 1 inch on your page reflects 10 inches, you would change the scale to 10.




  • Select the precision from the dropdown.




By default, your calibration will only affect the page you are working on.

  • Check the box next to Apply to all pages to apply the calibration across the whole document. 



  • Click on Calibrate.




You need to select two points to calibrate the measuring tool. Your mouse cursor will change to indicate you can set the points.

  • Click to set the first point. 
  • Drag your mouse cursor and a red line will appear to accurately guide you to the second point.




The notification will appear informing you about the successful calibration.



When you next use any of the measurement tools, the new distances will be displayed.

Click here to learn more about the measuring tool.

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