How to Change OCR Settings?

Soda PDF allows you to adjust the OCR preferences depending on the type of document you're working with. 

  • Open the Options by clicking the gear icon and switching to the OCR tab.




  • You can set the OCR language to scan a document in a language other than your computer's default language. Select your OCR language from the Language for Recognition drop-down menu.
  • Recognition Quality depends largely on the quality of an image being recognized. The lower the quality of your original image, the higher the recognition quality should be set. Move the slider of the Recognition Quality option to the Min, Low, Medium, High, or Max points depending on the quality required for your image.
  • By selecting the PDF version from the drop-down list, you define the version of the .pdf output file resulting in the recognition process. 




  • The Deskew option allows the straightening of a crooked image.
  • To straighten a skewed image, switch the toggle on for the Rotate Page option.
  • In order to detect inverted text blocks, use the Detect Text Orientation option.
  • Select Embed Fonts to perform recognition of text containing fonts that are not installed on your system.
  • Apply the Create Bookmarks option to a document containing bookmarks you would like to keep after recognition.




  • The Recognized Text Output option provides you with the ability to choose the desired type of recognition:
    • Text-Image removes text from a recognized image and replaces it with editable visible text;
    • Text Only completely removes a recognized image and keeps editable visible text;
    • Image-Text inserts editable non-visible text behind an image without modifying it.
  • The compression quality you set affects the size of the output file. The higher the quality you choose, the larger the file size will be.
    • In the JPEG 2000 Compression Quality option, click the switch to make the quality slider appear.
    • Use this slider to adjust compression by choosing its quality level: Min, Low, Medium, High, or Max. If you select Off, the slider becomes unavailable and the compression quality acquires the default Max value.




If the OCR module is not available for you, you can purchase it here. 


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