How does Scan And Recognize work?

The Scan and Recognize feature allows you to create a document directly from your scanner. As the file is being created, the OCR engine will be used to make any text editable. Click here for more information on OCR.

If the OCR module is not available for you, you can purchase it here. 



Soda PDF Desktop

Open the OCR Module and choose Scan and Recognize.




Select the scanner you would like to use from the list of available scanners. Soda PDF will detect any scanner plugged into your computer. It looks for the drivers of any scanners set up in your Control Panel. The default scanner will be the same as the rest of your computer.  

Check the box next to Show Native Scanner’s Interface if you would prefer to work within the software associated with the scanner instead. 




Choose the Paper Size from the list in the dropdown. 



Choose your Color Mode and decide if it should scan both sides of the page or not. If you are scanning more than one page, check the box next to Prompt for Scanning more Pages




You have a few choices in regard to what will happen after you scan your file. 
Name your file and choose where it will be saved. 




Append to Existing will add your scan to an existing PDF file. Click on the Folder icon to Browse your computer and locate the file you are appending. 




Now that everything is set up, click on Scan. Soda PDF will now scan your file and create the PDF. 




Soda PDF Online

Soda PDF Online is accessed via the web browser. Since it does not install onto your system it cannot access your scanner. The Scan and recognize feature is only available in Soda PDF Desktop.
Our development team is looking into ways to bring this feature to our web application.

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