How to use Manual and Auto in OCR

Our OCR (Optical Character Recognition) engine will let you scan the content of an image looking for editable text. The Auto and Manual features limit the scan to an individual image rather than scanning the whole page. Click here to learn more about the other OCR features.


If the OCR module is not available for you, you can purchase it here. 



In order to access Auto and Manual OCR features, you will need to select an image while in the Edit Mode.




When you select OCR Auto, Soda PDF will automatically scan the image recognizing the text. 

Your text will now be editable. Click on the text while in Edit Mode to access it. Click here for more information on editing text.




The OCR Manual feature will let you decide how the OCR engine interacts with your image. This way you can optimize the quality of the end result.

When you choose this option, a window will open displaying your image. You can use the Zoom options in the right upper corner to change the magnification. In order to interact with the areas that will be scanned, click Select Block. 




The OCR engine is capable of detecting text, pictures, and tables. Any area inside a red box will be interpreted as text. Blue is for images and purple is for tables. Clicking on any option and then dragging your mouse over the image will add a new block telling Soda PDF what content is inside.



You can reposition any block by clicking Select Block and dragging the block. You can also change the size of the block once it's selected by dragging its corners.




To delete a block you need to select the Delete Block feature and then click on the block you want to remove.




You can use the Vertical Separator and Horizontal Separator options to create divisions in the text box that will hold your text. Doing so will split up the text according to your chosen separators.



When you have set up your scan, click on Recognize.


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