How to Extract a page from PDF Document

  • Open the Page Tab
  • Click on Extract. 



  • Choose the page range you would like to extract.
  • Enter the resultant file name.
  • Click on the folder icon to change the location of where the file will be saved.
  • Check the corresponding checkbox if you want to Open result document after extraction.
  • Click on Extract when you are ready to extract your pages.  


You can also select several pages, hold the Ctrl key and start clicking the pages you want to be exported. Then right-click one of the pages you want to extract and choose Extract.



We also provide a quick tool for users to extract pages without opening up any program.

  • Navigate to the part of your computer the file is saved.
  • Right-click on the file.
  • Expand the Soda PDF option and choose Extract pages. 



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