How to transfer my license to a new computer


Depending on when and where you got your Soda PDF license you may have a license key or your product may be managed through your Soda PDF Account.  

We'll cover the following topics:


Transferring a License Managed Through your Account

Your product is linked to your Soda PDF account. When you sign into Soda PDF on your new device, your license will transfer.  

  • Click on the Login logo in the top right corner.
  • Choose SIGN IN.




  • Choose to sign in with (Google / Facebook / Microsoft).




Or you can choose to sign in with your Soda Account.

  • Type the same email that was used while the purchase.
  • Enter the password from your account.
  • Click SIGN IN.




Once you have logged in you'll see this notification confirming your product is now activated. 




Users with a Perpetual Product

When you will try to activate your Soda PDF perpetual license on the new computer, you will see this message advising you that your license is currently assigned to another device.

You are able to reset your license twice a year. Your license can be assigned to one device at a time, so you will encounter the window below.

  • Click Yes.




This screen is appearing because your license has been assigned, you'll proceed to reset the assignment. 

  • Click Reset your license here.




You'll be brought to the My Products section of the account area. 

  • Locate your product and choose the dropdown option.
  • Click Reset license.




  • Choose Continue.



Now your license has to be reassigned to you. 

  • Click on the dropdown next to Unassigned Licenses.
  • Choose Assign to Me.




Transferring a License Managed with a License Key

Soda PDF license keys are valid for 1 use at a time. There are a few other circumstances that can require us to reset your license key, such as reformatting or upgrading Windows. This includes purchases made with partners like Humble Bundle.

If you want to transfer your license key to a new computer you'll need to:

They will reset your license key.

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