How to Add a Header/Footer

Headers and footers are areas at the top and bottom margins of each page in a document.


Step 1 - Open the Edit module

  • Open the Edit Module.
  • Click on the Header and Footer feature.



A window will open providing you with a series of options to configure your header/footer. 

On the left-hand side of the window is a previewer. This will show you how your header/footer will look on each page of your document.




You can cycle between the different pages of your document to preview what it will look like on any page. 




  • To add a header/footer to multiple documents, click Multiple Files to use the Batch Header and Footer feature.




Step 2 - Configure the settings

  • The position will let you choose where your header or footer should be located. Each position can be customized separately. Click on a different position to configure it, this will not impact any positions you have already set up.



  • If your header will contain text, choose Text as Source and enter the text into the box. 
  • Click on the X to clear any text. 




  • You can also choose the font style, size, and color, and choose to bold or italicize your text.




When you choose File you can upload any file to use as a header/footer. 

  • Choose File as Source.
  • Click on the Browse.
  • Browse Window will open. Choose the image from your computer you would like to use.




  • Adjust the Scale of the image to make sure it fits.




  • In the Pages to Apply section, you can determine which pages you want the header/footer to appear on. 


  • In the Margins section, you can set up the area for your header and footer. Since they are on the exterior of the margin area, you can create more or less space for your header or footer by adjusting the margin size.




  • You can also change the unit of measurement.




  • You have the option to Shrink the document to avoid overwriting the document’s text and graphics




  • Click MAKE DEFAULT to use these settings moving forward. You can reset the default at any time.




Step 3 - Apply the changes

  • When you are ready to add your header/footer, click APPLY




  • The header/footer will be added to your document.




We have two additional modules. The OCR module allows you to recognize and edit text within any scanned document or image. We also have the E-Sign module that allows you to electronically sign PDFs and track and manage e-signatures in real-time. If those modules are not available for you, you can purchase them here.



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