How to Copy/Paste Text

Soda PDF Desktop

  • While in Edit Mode click you can click on your text to access the text box. You will need to select the specific text you would like to cut/copy.




  • While the mouse cursor is flashing in the text box hold down the left mouse button and drag the cursor to select text. The selected portion will turn blue.
  • Once you release your mouse button, the text will remain highlighted as long as you do not click elsewhere. 



  • Right-click on this text and you will see the Cut and Copy options. 


The Cut option will copy the information you have selected and also remove it from the text box. The information will be stored until you Cut/Copy something else. The Copy option will copy the information, but not remove it, from its current location.

  • To Paste your text first create a text box by double-clicking anywhere in your document.




  • Then right-click in the text box and choose Paste



Soda PDF Online

Soda PDF Online is accessed via the web browser. Since it does not install onto your system, it uses your web browser to access the cut/copy/paste tools. You are able to use them when interacting with the text in the text editor.

Click here for more information on adding/changing text using Soda PDF Online.

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