How to Take a Screenshot

A screenshot is a tool provided by Windows that will create an image of everything you see on your screen. If you are using more than one monitor it will capture the information on all your screens. Taking a screenshot is easy.


On your keyboard, usually located in the top left corner will be the Prnt Scrn key. When you press this key, the screenshot is taken and the information is stored on your clipboard. On a laptop, this may be a key requiring you to hold down the Fn key to access it. This will be the case if the Prnt Scrn appears below the main function of the key in the same color as your Fn key.

If you are using more than one monitor, hold down the Alt key while pressing the Prnt Scrn key to take a screenshot of only the active monitor.


Now that your image is copied, you will need to paste it somewhere to see it. You can use the Paste feature in any program that allows you to work with images to access it. Microsoft provides the Paint application as a free and easy-to-use image editor. Using Paint you can save your image so you can access it later on.

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