What is "saving" a file?

When you save a file for the first time, you create a new file. The file type will be dependent on the program that you are using. If you are using Soda PDF, you can save a file in the PDF and WWF formats. This new file will contain everything you were working on.

As you make changes to your file, you can save it as you go. Each time you save the file, it will be updated to contain the latest information found in the file. Once you save a file you won’t be able to undo it, so make sure you want to keep your work before you save over the previous content.

You have two saving options at your disposal.

The Save As option will always create a new file when saving. If you were working on a file and used this feature your original file would remain unchanged and all your changes will be in the second file. You will have to choose a new name for the file. You will also be able to choose a new file location.

The Save option will overwrite the file you are working on with the changes you have made to the file.

You can find the save options in the File Menu of most programs. It is located there in Soda PDF Desktop. You can hold down the CTRL and S keys at the same time to quickly save a file.

Soda PDF Online is a bit different. Since it is located in your web browser, it will use the browser download options.

Click here for more information on saving a file in Soda PDF.

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