What is cutting, copying and pasting?

Cutting, copying, and pasting are actions that help us quickly move things around. This can be simple text or entire folders.

Information is Cut or Copied and is temporarily saved on your computer's Clipboard. The Clipboard is a special section designed specifically for this task.

The Paste action will paste the most recent thing stored to the clipboard.

Cut will tell your computer to delete the content from its original location when pasted.

Copy will simply copy the information and the original content will be retained when you use Paste.

In order to access any of these options you will need to highlight/select something. You can choose text, files, images, or most things you can interact with.

Once highlighted or selected you can now cut or copy the content.

You can access these options in 2 ways.



By right-clicking on the highlighted/selected content you will open a menu. Simply choose the Cut or Copy option.

When you are ready to Paste your material, right-click where you want it and choose Paste.


Keyboard Commands

You can also use your keyboard to access the Cut, Copy, and Paste commands.

Hold down the CTRL key and then press X.

Hold down the CTRL key and then press C.

Hold down the CTRL key and then press V.

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