How to Use OCR

You can find instructions for the following Soda PDF versions:

Soda PDF 14

Soda PDF 12


Soda PDF 14

Optical Character Recognition, OCR, is a technology that recognizes text within images. It allows Soda PDF to differentiate the text from the rest of the image so you can edit it.


If the OCR module is not available for you, you can purchase it here.



You will be able to recognize an image by the red border that surrounds it when you select it while in Edit Mode.




When the whole page is one large image, it is indicative of a document made up of scanned pages. Without OCR, they cannot be edited easily.

Once the image is selected you need to use the OCR to make the text editable.



Auto and Manual OCR

These are only active when an individual image is selected. Rather than scanning an entire document, you can work image by image. These features do not create a new file but scan the image within the existing PDF. Click here to learn more.


Recognize Document

If you have a document made up of several scanned pages that need to be recognized and edited you need to open the OCR module and choose the Recognize Document option:




In the dialog box that appears you can specify the pages to recognize.




After the recognition process is finished, a new file with the recognized text will be created in a separate tab. Your original file will not change.


External Image

To recognize the text of an external image to PDF click External Image.




A Browse window will open where you need to select the file. Click Open.

Once the image has been recognized, it will open in a new portable document within the Soda PDF application.


Soda PDF 12



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