How to create a file from something I have cut/copied

Anything you copy or cut is temporarily stored in an area on your computer known as the Clipboard. Soda PDF provides the ability to create brand new PDFs from the content of your clipboard.

Soda PDF Desktop

  • Open the Create & Convert Module.
  • Select Clipboard to PDF.



The Clipboard to PDF button becomes enabled when any content (image or text) is available in the clipboard.

  • Alternatively, you can go to the Soda PDF Homepage and select Clipboard to PDF.




A new portable document will open containing the contents of the clipboard converted to .pdf format.


Soda PDF Online

  • Open the Convert Module.
  • Click on Create.
  • Select Clipboard to PDF.




  • Soda PDF Online will ask for permission to access your clipboard. Click on Allow.




  • Once completed, your file will open ready to work on.​

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