How to sign a PDF using E-Sign

Soda PDF provides two features for you to sign the document in the E-Sign tab:


If the E-Sign module is not available for you, you can purchase it here. 



Sign your Document

If you are the only person signing a document, you can use the Sign your Document option.

  • Open the document you want to sign.
  • Open the E-Sign module and click the Sign your Document option.







  • Additionally, you can add the date, name, and email fields.




  • You can right-click the signature field and open its Properties.




  • There you can change its style, size, and position.




  • Click this button to keep the aspect ratio while resizing.




  • Click Finish once you have added all the fields.




  • Once the document is signed you will see the notification.







Request Signature

If the document was created through the Request Signature feature, each signer will receive an email like the one below.


Step 1 - Opening Document Package

  • Click on Go to Documents in the email.


If a security question was added to the signer requirements, the answer will need to be provided.

  • Enter the answer to the question.
  • The option to proceed will appear once you start typing your answer. Click the Answer button.


The document package will now load in the Soda PDF signing flow interface. Before applying a signature, you will need to agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

  • Click on Start Signing to accept and begin.


You can now go through the document package and begin signing. On the left-hand side, you will see a count of all the required signatures along with a summary of documents in the package.


Step 2 - Configuring your signature

Before you sign, you can set up the aesthetic side of your signature.

  • Click My Signature or Initials.



Under Type, you can choose from one of the available font options.

  • You can update your name or initials.
  • Click on the font style you want to use.
  • Click on the circle to change the color.


Under Draw, you can use your mouse (or touch screen) to create a digital representation of your actual signature.

  • Select Draw.
  • Hold down your left mouse button and drag the cursor to add your signature.
  • Click on the circle to change the color.
  • Click on the bin icon to start over.


Under Image, you can import an image of your signature.

  • Click Upload an image of your signature.


  • Browse your computer for the file you want to use.

The image will appear in the window.

  • Regardless of the option you have chosen, click APPLY to confirm that signature style.


Step 3 - Signing the document

You will see each signature field in the document along with an arrow drawing attention.


You can scroll through the document to review it before signing. If you are having trouble finding the signature field, there are a couple of ways to get to it. 

  • You can click GO TO NEXT FIELD.
  • Alternatively, click the button below the number of required fields.


  • Click on the signature field.


The field will update with the signature design you chose.

You’ll be brought to the next signature field and you can continue signing.

  • Once you have signed all the required fields, click the Send Envelope button.




Step 4 - Signer Options

At any time, you can start over.

  • Click Clear Fields.


You will see the notification below advising you that any progress you’ve made will be undone.



You will be brought back to the beginning of the document package and all signature fields will be reset.

You have the option to save your progress so you can continue later.

  • Click Finish Later.


You will see the popup below advising you that your progress has been saved.

  • Click Finish.


You can go back to the email we sent about this signature request and click the link to continue signing.

The person who created the document package can turn on a couple of options for signers. They can authorize the signer to pass along the signing responsibility to someone else.

  • Click Delegate.


You will need to fill out the new signer’s information.

  • Enter the new signer’s email address.
  • Add their name.
    • Once you enter the name and email, the buttons to confirm will appear.
  • You can choose to add a reason explaining why you are delegating signer responsibility.
  • Click Delegate to confirm.


You will see the popup below notifying you that an email was sent to the new signer. The creator of the document package will also be notified by email of this change.

  • Click Exit.


Finally, if the option has been enabled, you are able to decline. This will cancel the document package entirely.

  • Click Decline.


You will see a notification confirming your action.

  • Click Decline if you want to cancel the package.


  • Enter the Reason for Declining.
  • Click Decline.


A confirmation will appear.

  • Click Finish.



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