How to Create a New E-Sign Document Package

Soda PDF provides you with a powerful tool to get documents signed securely. You will create an envelope that contains:

  • Your documents.
  • The specific requirements regarding who should sign each document.
  • The type of signature they should provide.

Below is a list of all topics covered in this article:


If the E-Sign module is not available for you, you can purchase it here.



Add Documents

  • Open the E-Sign Tab.
  • Choose Request Signature.




If you have a document open in Soda PDF, it will automatically be added to your package.

  • Click on the plus sign next to Documents to select the files you need to be signed.




 Your files will appear on your screen. They will be displayed to your signers in the order they appear.

  • You can change the order by dragging and dropping them in the order that you need.




  • You can remove any document from your package by moving your cursor over your document and clicking on the trash can next to it.



  • Click on the Next button once you have added all the documents for signing.



Add Signers

You can add signature fields to your document. These fields are where the recipients of your document will sign. You can apply as many signature fields to a document as you want.

Signers are the people who will receive your document. You will associate each signature field with a signer. You will have to add your signers to Soda PDF. Click here if you need help with that.

  • Click on the plus sign next to Signers
  • Fill out the First Name, Last Name, and Email fields.




  • Click on the three dots to open the additional settings.
      • You can add the Title and Company.
  • Click Apply when you're ready.



Your signer will appear in the list of Signers.

By default, each signer will receive the package at the same time and can immediately sign.

You can choose to set a signing order. Each signer will only receive the document package after the person before them on the list has finished signing.

  • Drag and drop the signers to rearrange the order.
  • Check the box Sign in this order




You can manage additional signer options for your document package, click here to learn more.


  • Click on the bin icon next to a signer to remove them from the list.




  • Click on the Next button once you have finished configuring the settings for the signers.




Add Signature Fields

You can choose the type of signature. You can request their Signature or Initials. The signer will be able to configure the aesthetic during the signing process. Click here to learn more.

  • Choose a Signer from the dropdown list.
  •  Drag and drop either Signature or Initials field on your document.




  • The Signature/Initials field will appear on your document.
  • Left-click and drag the corners of the field to change the signature field’s size.
  • Left-click and drag the field to change its location on your document.



You can add form fields that are preconfigured to help you capture extra information. Each form field is linked to a specific signature field.

  • Right-click on a signature.
  • Choose Add Field.
  • Choose a field from the list and click on it.




  • The field will appear on your document.
  • Drag and drop to place it.




Managing Multiple Signers

You can add multiple signature fields to your documents. Each signer you choose will have its own color.

All signers will be listed in the dropdown list in the right-side panel.


You will need to add signature fields to each document in the package that requires them.

  • Click any open document to add signatures to it.
  • The active document’s name will appear at the top of the Soda PDF.




  • Click on the Next button once you have added all the needed signature fields for the documents.




Review and Send

In the last step, you will add the finishing touches to your document package.

  • Toggle the switch to set the Date by which the documents are to be signed.
  • Set the date.




  • Should it expire, you will need to send a new document package.

You can modify or remove the date anytime.

You can add a personalized message to your signers. You will also be able to change the language for the emails you will use to contact them.

  • Toggle the switch next to Message for your signers.
  • Click to choose a new language.
  • Add your message.
  • Click elsewhere on your document and your message will be saved.




  • Toggle the switch if you want to Review envelope before marking it as complete.




  • Toggle the switch if you want to Include legal disclosure. Choose Custom and click on the plus icon to select your file.




  • You can also see a brief summary of the included documents and added signers by switching between the Documents and Signers tabs to the left.




Saving as Draft and Sending

If you want to send this document package later, you can choose to save your work as a draft instead of sending it. Click here for more information.

  • Click on the arrow next to Cancel and then click on Save as new Draft.




You can open this document package again from your drafts and send it at any time.


  • Click Finish if you are ready to send out the envelope.




The Inbox will open. The envelope will be marked as Sent.
You can monitor this document package in the Inbox, click here to learn more.



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