How do JavaScript actions work?

Soda PDF allows you to use all capabilities specified in the JavaScript™ for Acrobat® API Reference

This gives you an extensive object model. This may be different from JavaScript as it is used in browsers.

Below is a short example demonstrating how to set this up using JavaScript inside a PDF Link Action.

  • Open the Insert Tab.
  • Select the Link tool.
  • Select an area you would like to cover with the link.
  • A Window with the available actions pops up.
  • Add A JavaScript Action. Insert the following code:

var answer = app.alert("Do you say yes or no?", 2, 2);

/* Question icon, Yes/No button. */
/* 0 = error, 1 = OK, 2 = Cancel, 3 = No, 4 = Yes */

if (answer == 4)
app.alert("You said yes!");
app.alert("You said no!");

When you click on the link you have created (change to view mode first!), you will see the alert box popping up.

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