Adding a text form field

A text form field lets a user type out responses directly into the field. In this article, we'll cover the basics of adding your field.

Click here for more information on creating forms.

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Step 1 - Choose the Text Field option

  • Open the Forms Tab.
  • Click on the Text Field option.




Step 2 - Placing the Text Field

You will see the outline for the text box appear on your document. You can position it wherever you would like.

  • Click anywhere in your file to place the field.
    • Hold down your left mouse button and drag the cursor to resize the field as you place it.




Step 3 - Editing Text Field properties

Click here for a full list of all form field properties, including appearance settings and how to set up calculations for your text field.

  • Switch to Edit Mode.
  • Select the Text Field.
  • Click the Properties icon.




Bonus Step - Deleting the Text Field

  • Switch to Edit Mode.
  • Right-click on the field.
  • Choose Remove.




Bonus Step - Testing the Text Field

  • Switch to View Mode.
  • Fill out your text field.



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