Adding a Combo Box (Dropdown Menu) to a form

A Combo Box field will add a dropdown menu to your document. This article will cover the basics of adding this field.

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Step 1 - Choose the Combo Box feature

  • Open the Forms Tab.
  • Click on Combo Box.



Step 2 - Place the field on your PDF

You will see the outline for the combo box appear on your document. You can position it wherever you would like.

  • Click anywhere in your file to place the box.
    • Hold down your left mouse button and drag the cursor to resize the field as you place it.


Step 3 - Set your Combo Box properties

This article will not go into detail about most options. Click here for a full list of all form field properties, including how to set up calculations for your dropdown.

  • Switch to Edit Mode.
  • Select the Combo Box.
  • Click the Properties icon.



Step 4 - Choose Value List Option

  • Open the Values Tab.
  • Click on Set next to Options.



Step 5 - Add Values

You can add values to the list for your users. You can add the public-facing Name and customize the behind-the-scenes Value name.

  • Click Add.
  • Type your value name.
  • Click anywhere else to confirm.
  • Repeat until all values are added.




Step 6 - Edit Public Name and Value Name

The Name column is what your user will see. Under Value you can set a different value name for data purposes.

  • Double-click on the name you want to update.
  • Type into the box.
  • Click anywhere else to confirm.


Step 7 - Confirm the new value list

  • Click Apply to confirm your new list.




Step 8 - Test the Combo Box

  • Switch to View mode.
  • Click on the box.



Bonus Step - Deleting a value

  • Click on the bin icon.



Bonus Step - Editable Value

If you are working with a Combo Box (Dropdown Menu) you can provide users the option to edit dropdown entries, adding their own.

  • Toggle the switch next to Editable.



Bonus Step - Deleting a Combo Box

  • Switch to Edit Mode.
  • Right-click on your form field.
  • Select Remove.


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